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Named after an Austrian breed of horse, and originally developed around 1969 for military use, the Pinzgauer is considered to be “one of the most capable all-terrain vehicles ever made”. The first generation Pinzgauer, produced between 1971 and 1985, is available in both four-wheel drive (Model 710) and six-wheel drive (Model 712) versions. A total of 18,349 first-generation “Pinzies” were produced, many of which were eventually sold by the Swiss Army to civilians. It is estimated that there are only approximately 3,000 Pinzgauers in the United States.

What makes the Pinzgauers such unique offroading vehicles? They have 14 ½ inches of ground clearance with locking differentials on the front and back axles. The Pinzgauers “can carry up to 3,000 pounds, turn about as tightly as a motorcycle, handle a 45-degree side slope without rolling, and climb any grade that its tires can grip”.

A ride in the Pinzgauer is an experience. Not convinced? Watch our video below and then call us to book a TRUE NEW MEXICO PINZIE ADVENTURE!

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